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The type of trade fair exhibition booth is determined on access to the isles.

There are four basic types of booths:

Row Booth

Corner Booth

End Booth



Row booth (R)

A row booth will have adjacent booths on both sides.

Just one side faces the isle.


Corner booth (C)

A corner booth is located at the end of a row.

Access to the booth will be from two sides, thus more sides accessible to the public.

A corner booth is visible from two isles, therefore increasing the possible amount of visitors.


End booth (E)

An end booth is situated at the end of a row.

Access to the booth will be from three isles.

If designed properly and exploited to it's fullest, it could appear more representative and inviting.


Island booth (I)

An island has four isles.

It is independent from other booths.

Can attract bigger attention and gives access to visitors from all sides.

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